Misr Spinning and Weaving Mahalla  
  Nasr Company for Spinning and Weaving and Dyeing Mahalla  
  Delta Company for Spinning and Weaving in Tanta  
  Sajeeni company Mahalla  
  Elmessiri factory Mahalla  
  Oriental Weavers  
  High-Nile Company for Spinning  
  General Motors  
  Daewoo Motors  
  Aboul Fotouh Motors  
  Bavaria Industries - BMW  
  Mind Industries Factory auto feeder  
  Armagh food Snaat  
  Dolce company  
Nestle company
  Savola Egypt Company  
  Milky Land Food Co.  
  Cs Food Company  
  Cs Food Company  
  Middle East Field Company  
  International Company for Porcelain  
  Dakahlia Sugar Company  
  United Sugar Company  
  Sugar Tex Co.  
  Weavers Petrochemical Company  
  The Egyptian Company for the production of propylene and polypropylene  
  Egyptian Company for Osmdhay FC  
  Victory for Intermediate Chemicals  
  GUPCO Petroleum Company  
  Timeless Petroleum Company  
  Offshore Oil Services Company  
  Acharkhalmbarh Petroleum Services  
  Amiriya Oil Refinery  
  North Sinai Petroleum Company  
  Dave Mix  
  Egyptian gas liquefaction  
  Hrkhalnubareh natural gas  
  Egypt Petroleum Company  
  Orascom Construction  
  Arab Contractors Company  
  Arab Engineers Inc.  
  Egypt Aluminum  
  Arab Aluminum Company  
  Power station Shubra  
  Abu Qir power station  
  Ezz Steel factories  
  International Company for packaging  
  Flex Packaging Company  
  Felix Company for Electrical Industries  
  Felix Company for Electrical Industries  
Helwan Cement
  Suez Cement  
  Assiut Cement  
  East company announcements  
  General Organization for presses princely  
  Abou El Makarem Group  
  Amon Plastic Co.  
  International Company for Plastic  
  Secretary-Plastic Factory  
  Egyptian Basic Industries Corporation  
  Schindler company  
  Photon factory scientific instruments  
  Egypt renaissance Company  
  Islamic Packaging Company Group